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As beekeepers our interest is in safely removing live and intact bee colonies from your home or yard and transplanting them to our Bee Haven in the hills of Contra Costa County. Our 35-acre facility borders over 6000 acres of open space and parkland with plenty of wildflowers and orchards for the bees use. Each colony will be placed in its own box and will be closely watched, treated for diseases if needed and fed until spring when there is adequate nectar and pollen available to assure the colonies survival.

With all of the issues surrounding honeybees these days, our goal is to maintain and propagate these naturally strong and disease resistant feral bee colonies and to eventually breed strains of bees able to withstand the current plague decimating honey bees here in the US.

Make sure prior to calling us that what you have are honey bees. We get many calls from folks thinking they have honey bees when in fact they have yellow jackets. Please click here to help determine if you have honey bees.

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